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     Push play on this song and you’ll know right away that Striking Matches is not a current radio cliché. Their new album, Nothing But The Silence, is available for pre-order NOW through iTunes with a drop date of March 24! Just looking at the names of the songs on this album tells me this is no ordinary silent treatment. This record has a lot to say, and the first song released from it is a silent scream.

     “Missing You Tonight” reaches back to the sound of the 70s from the moment those dueling guitars start speaking. These two talented musicians can both play, and the harmonies they achieve on this song, together with the intensity of the guitar playing, is an expressive throwback to a time when music was all powerful. The lyrics are beautiful here, but it’s the language those guitars are speaking that sweeps you into the passion and the pain of this song. Take the pull of two people who are missing each other on opposite sides of the glass. Each picks up a guitar and pours out their emotion in a “My Guitar Gently Weeps” kind of way with a bigger guitar sound for emphasis. Every ounce of emotion comes from the guitars in this with the harmonies acting as punctuation.

     The lyric video is brilliant and as emotionally expressive as you’ll see in this format today. The use of mostly black and white in the color scheme highlights the message and  makes the spare use of color an exclamation point on that message. One match. One extinguished flame. Two hearts reaching out towards a burned out connection. Two sides of the same feeling….Striking Matches.

WATCH the lyric video for “Missing You Tonight!”

Pre-order Nothing But The Silence through iTunes: HERE


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