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      WAY North of Nashville is not a specific geographic location like Music City is. As the popularity of country music has exploded in the last few years, so has the number of fans. Concert tickets and merchandise are being sold all COUNTRY MUSIC HIGHWAY KENTUCKYaround the globe now as new markets continue to open up for the genre. The sound of country music is changing, and so are its fans. There isn’t a concise definition of what makes something country music anymore, but there is something I’ve discovered that unites the fans.

     Country music fans are a dedicated and vocal bunch. When they like someone, you’ll know it. When they don’t like someone, you’ll know that too. The character NASH COUNTRY STATION NYCof the artist matters. The way the artist treats the fans, matters. Building a career often starts at the grassroots level in country music. You’re not likely to get your start in places like New York City, Los Angeles, or even Nashville. You’ll have to make a name for yourself in places country lyrics like to refer to as “’nothin’ towns” and hope that LOS ANGELES COUNTRY MUSICsomeday, you become something more. But what connects country fans and country artists are the stories in the songs and the humble beginnings many of them came from. People from different places, who should have nothing in common, find a common bond through a country song or a love of the same artist. Fans from all over join the artists’ fan clubs online, but that alone doesn’t bring them together. It’s the fan groups that have formed outside of Nashville where friendships have developed and bonds made through a common goal. Together, they make a difference in the artist’s career, working tirelessly behind the scenes, not for benefits or money, but for their belief in and dedication to their favorite artist. Music Row prospers and these dedicated and loyal fans around the world don’t even get so much as a “thx” in a tweet.

     From Canada to Australia, and everywhere in between, you’ll find country fans – CANADA COUNTRY MUSICand hopefully, country music! What this site aims to do is bring country music a little closer to home for all of us. Fans like to have a say in the things they spend their hard earned money on and Nashville can’t accept all these AUSTRALIA COUNTRY MUSICincoming phone calls. From local radio stations and small town bars to concert venues and concert goers, from fan groups to music and merchandise buyers, WAY North of Nashville is your home base. Call it a collective for all of us who don’t live in Nashville but find ourselves connected to the music and the artists just the same. What happens in and around Nashville is highly publicized. What happens everywhere else, not so much…and that’s where you come in.

     Country music is all about storytelling and there are lots of stories to be told from fans, insiders, and reporters all over. With this site, we hope to cover the globe and all aspects of the country music industry. It takes a lot of people to run things on a daily basis for an industry as large as this one has gotten. The vast majority of them, you’ll never know. It seems when anyone wants to cover MICHIGAN FASTER HORSEScountry music, they move to Nashville. All the big stars live there and all the music is made there. However, the overwhelming majority of fans live elsewhere, and the stars themselves spend much of their lives elsewhere as well. Life is a road trip for a musician and we’re all a part of it. Here, you WILL be a part of it and the untold stories will get a voice. They say it takes a village to build most things, and a music career is certainly one of them. Ironically, the ending of the word MILEAGE TO NASHVILLE‘Nashville’ is ‘ville.’ Over time that word has come to refer to farms, cities, and towns. What made Nashville what it is today is not an abundance of overly talented musicians all born in one place in Tennessee. Almost everyone came from somewhere else – farm, city, or town, across this nation and the world. Country music is what it is because of that diversity and the stories these new residents of Music City had to tell. They may live in Nashville WPOC BALTIMOREnow, but their identities didn’t come from there. Most of them still refer to ‘home’ as somewhere else. WAY North of Nashville may be a cyberspace location, but its users are real and far more than just E.T. For Speilberg, that meant (e)xtra (t)errestrial. For the powers that be in Nashville, most of us are considered merely (e)ntertainment (t)argets. When you can get to Nashville, great! When you can’t, phoning home for your country music news will no longer require dialing area code 615. We’ve got you covered from the North Star to the Southern Cross. Your new home phone number is waynorthofnashville.com – bringing country to wherever you are!

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